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Workflows: Build relationships at scale with automated engagement campaigns

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

Thriving communities are built on meaningful relationships. As your community grows, it’s critical to make sure you're reaching out to the right people, at the right time. Workflows (now in Beta) allow you to set up automated engagement campaigns sent directly from your personal Slack account, so you can create, maintain, and nurture personal relationships with each community member.

Workflows come with four pre-built and customizable templates:

  • Onboarding journey
    Send an automated message to new members as they join your Slack workspace, with the option to schedule a check-in message a few weeks or months later to see how things are going.

  • Re-engagement message
    Reach out to users that have been inactive in your Slack workspace for a set amount of time to invite them back into the conversation or ask about their experience.

  • Message a cohort of users
    Send a message to members whenever they satisfy specific criteria set through Common Room’s powerful filters, like members who have completed a certification or new members in a certain region.

  • Send a survey question
    Send any cohort of members a survey question, then segment them and send custom responses or resources based on their answer. 

Users on our free, Essentials, plan can create up to 3 workflows. Customers on our paid plans, Team and Enterprise, have access to unlimited workflows. To learn more, visit our pricing page.

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