The Common Room team

User Reminders to Regularly Refresh their Apps

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

Why did we build it? What customer use cases are we trying to solve?

We are shipping features quickly and constantly at Common Room. And, we want our customers to be up to date with those updates. With this new feature, when customers are more than 3 days out of date with the latest app release, we will show a toast pop-up at the bottom right corner of their screen encouraging them to refresh their pages.

Additionally, sometimes we want to end support for old code, or we may have shipped a feature that is not compatible with older versions of the web app. For those cases, this feature shows a toast encouraging customers to refresh their pages. If they don’t do it within some allotted time, the page is refreshed automatically.

How does it work? Where is it in the product?

The toast shows up at the bottom right corner of the screen if your last refreshed time was more than 3 days ago, or if it was older than the minimum time specified by the engineering team.

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