The Common Room team

New integration: Connect HubSpot to see the end-to-end user journey

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

With our newest HubSpot integration, you can bring community intelligence to all go-to-market functions, giving sales, marketing, and community leaders a holistic view of the end-to-end user journey. Our HubSpot integration lets you combine community and business data into a single unified view. 

Alongside community activity and Common Room’s intelligent profile enrichment, you can now see:

  • Fields like lifecycle stage, lead status, contact owner, and more

  • Activities, including sales outreach, marketing emails, meetings, and form submissions

  • Contacts and companies that exist both in your community and in your CRM

With the new, fully-customizable community qualification (CQ) tag, you can signal qualified leads in your community based on the parameters you care about most.

Once integrated with HubSpot, Common Room will also export data directly to your CRM. This means that your sellers can easily see which leads are already engaged in your community, their impact, and whether or not they are a community qualified member.

Our HubSpot integration is currently in private beta; if you’d like to get access, let us know. HubSpot is reserved for customers on the Enterprise plan.

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