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In-Product Source Member Audits

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

Why did we build it? What customer use cases are we trying to solve?

We often get questions about why our member counts don't match the member counts shown in integrations' native reports. There are multiple explanations for this — we hide members with no activity, we merge some members together, we hide bot accounts, etc. — but in order to trust our reporting, our customers want a breakdown of exactly why we're showing the member counts that we do.

How does it work? Where is it in the product?

Each connected source now has a "View member summary" link on its settings page. Clicking that link will generate a report, sending an email to the person who initiated it when it's ready. (This usually takes 1-2 minutes but may take a little longer for very large communities.) Any owner can then see the report, which breaks down the initial number of accounts discovered via the integration and any drop-offs caused by various different reasons.

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