The Common Room team

Find your champions with impact points

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

Product champions and advocates are key to building a successful community; these members become experts and go on to help others on their product adoption journey. Without a systematic way to find your champions, it can be a difficult, manual task with subjective and incomplete results. Impact points provide a data-driven way to find your most impactful members, based on a transparent, fully-customizable algorithm.

Impact points use assigned weights for different community activities to enable community teams to easily discover which members are driving the most impact. Impact points are available for all customers, and those on our paid plans, Team and Enterprise, have the ability to customize these weights, so you can choose which activities are most important to your organization.

Common Room also now lets you filter active members within a specified date range, so you can find your most impactful members during your annual conference or find up-and-coming members who were recently active. You’ll also notice a fresh new design of the member profile to make room for impact points, with the added ability to filter by time. 

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