The Common Room team

Find members based on the types of activity they participate in

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

With two new filters on the member explorer page, you can easily find members based on their activity in your community.

Activity tags allow you to track specific activities of interest, like social posts about certain topics or threads discussing specific features. On the member explorer, you can now filter by activity tag to see all members who have engaged in similar activities. You can use this to segment like-minded community members, send a bulk message to them, and more.

On platforms like Discord, Slack, and Discourse, it’s common for members to respond to their own posts with additional updates, details, and comments. Historically, we’ve supported the ability to filter by posts and replies per source, but you can now differentiate between all replies and replies to folks. By selecting “non-self replies,” you can find members who have replied to other members’ posts, ruling out those who have only replied to themselves.

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