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Find and amplify community-led content

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

Finding and amplifying community-led and community-generated content is key to growing your audience, driving engagement, and uplifting your champions. Common Room makes it easy to find content in your community with auto-categories for your community activity. We’ve improved the content attached tag and moved it into its own filter, so you can use advanced logic to find content that spans across other auto-categories, like product appreciation and feature requests. 

On each member profile, you can see all of their activities across every channel they interact with you on. Each profile now has a dedicated content tab, so you can easily see all of the content that member has posted about or created. You can also now use Common Room’s filters on each member’s activity timeline, so you can easily find the activities you care about most.

Our content filters, content tab, and auto-categories are available for those on paid plans; to learn more, visit our pricing page.

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