The Common Room team

Customize, save, and share reports to get the insights that matter most

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

You can now create highly-customized reports and share them across your team for easy access. The reporting page lets you filter by source, tag, segment, and location, so you can measure specific cohorts, like power users of your product in EMEA or influencers who have joined in the last month. You can also customize a date range for your reports to track your OKRs for any period of time.

Once you’ve got a report you’d like to track over time, you can click “save a copy” to add it to your team’s list of saved reports. In your saved reports, you can edit them at any time, including the widgets that show up and the order they’re in. All reports can now be shared to your teammates in the Common Room via link, which will automatically share any filters you set.

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