The Common Room team

Connected Source Health Check

AUTHOR: The Common Room team

Why did we build it? What customer use cases are we trying to solve?

Connected sources can be finicky.  Admins leaving a company, auth token expirations, auth tokens being revoked, etc. can cause the source connection to break, leaving it in a broken state.  Our previous operating model was to monitor these broken providers and reactively reach out to customers to resolve the issue.  

How does it work? Where is it in the product?

With the new health check functionality, we’re now able to surface the state of broken sources directly in the product and inform the user when a source is broken.  This initial release adds support for LinkedIn providers that need re-authentication.

For end users, a “<source> needs attention” notification will show up on the left rail if a broken LinkedIn connection is detected and the user will be directed to the settings page, which will surface an option to fix the connection.

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